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Adult Learning at Standish Community High School

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Standish Community High School has always striven to promote adult learning and this term has been no exception.  With a varied menu of courses and activities, there has been something to suit every ability and talent.



Mrs Janet Evans has been very successful in introducing a variety of healthy, home cooked and extremely tasty dishes to a class of keen future chefs.  I have had the pleasure of the aromatic spice and mouth watering bakery smells drifting into my office during the classes!






With the summer holidays around the corner, there were no surprises when we had a lot of interest in our free language classes.  Italian, Spanish and French proved the most popular and the courses were set for different abilities, enabling the community to be involved at all levels. 


Other courses offered this term included Computers for Beginners, Introduction to the Internet and E-mail, Digital Photography, Ballroom Dancing and Salsa. 


We hope that the current students have had a taste of the classroom and will continue to widen their knowledge with the vast number of courses that will be on offer in the future.  I would also like to invite all adults to check our website in September to find out what courses are available. 


Mrs Crook

Community Manager